Mission Statement

"The National Regional Planning Council (NRPC) is a national community consisting of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
authorized Regional Planning Committees (RPCs), whose affiliation is linked to states and US Territories.
Its mission is to serve all Public Safety Communications Users through planning and management for their spectrum needs."

  • NRPC assists Regional Planning Committees to improve spectrum efficiency and promote interoperability.
  • NRPC provides education, training, and facilitation for RPCs to develop and operate their plans effectively.
  • NRPC supports forums for RPCs to share information, collaborate, and allocate resources to support RPC business.
  • NRPC researches and provides information critical to RPC collaboration and success.
  • NRPC receives input from and acts in the interest of RPCs individually and nationally.
  • NRPC establishes affiliations with elected and appointed officials to promote RPC representation on issues that benefit public safety interests.
  • NRPC educates elected and appointed officials and requests resources needed to support RPC interests.

Technical Committee Mission

  • Support the NRPC mission statement with regard to technical matters
  • Advisor to the Executive Committee on technical matters
  • Support the RPCs
  • Work issues identified by RPCs and FCC dockets
  • Attempt to avoid duplication with APCO and NPSTC

CAPRAD Oversight Committee Mission

  • Provide a process to receive, review, and approve changes to CAPRAD
  • Conduct periodic reviews of CAPRAD effectiveness

Training Committee Mission

  • Support educating RPCs
  • Materials to assist RPCs in completing their plans
  • Workshops supporting RPC efforts